Study frames of Charlie Chaplin’s Films The Modern Times and The Great Dictator

There  are so many  films by Charlie Chaplin.Here my task to study frames from this both movies.Charlie Chaplin is a comedian but he is not just a comedian. Through his  films we can learn many things about the 20th century or we can say we come to know about his time. In this  both films I got many think that simply it looks like comedy but it is not so,but when we go deep then  we know about the reality. So let’s discuss about this both movie… I know  movie is for watching but also we can study it and discuss upon it.


The Modern Times

     This is the movie which released in 1936.Its American silent movie.In beginning we can  see the industrialisation effect. So many sheep are  going and after that  many people are going like sheep. We can find  many frams like this. I have  made presentation on that so it will help you to  understand it. 

Here also my presentation works on so it will  help us to understand the scene behind comedy by Charlie Chaplin.  

The Great Dictator 

 This is the one of the greatest movie by Charlie Chaplin. He  made hundred and more than  silent movie and he got successe.This movie is not silent but with script and dialogues. Charlie used many  reality situation we can say  socially and politically both way.

We can see the fram of work war and soldiers were fighting for nation.Jew barbar also was there but because the plan crash he lost his memory or we can say an  Amnesia. In this movie Charlie is in double roll. One  is Barabar who is Jew. And other character is of dictator. We can  see  that Dictator doing copy of Hitler. We can take example of his speech. When he is giving the speech he try to imitate to Hitler. Everyone is cheering for him during his speech he raise his hand to stop them.. So it is  a power. One  side you talk about them and other side you also take them under your hand in a second. 

Dictator want be at a top. He does not like that  other man  can come and he  will take his place and be more powerful.He also has fond of making his own picture and statue, so there are two artists are working on that but but, when that dictator wants.

 This is the great speech by Charlie in this movie. That  everyone has Right of freedom. Humanity is important than power, here I’m  talking about which  power through one can harm other not do good  things. Here this speech is apply on t all human beings .

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