Raashii Khanna buys new house in Hyderabad. See pics from puja ceremony

Actor Raashii Khanna, who gained acclaim for her role in ‘Yodha’, recently purchased her house in Hyderabad. As per reports, this is the third property obtained after 2015 and 2017. Several pictures of the actor’s ‘griha pravesh’ puja have surfaced on social media.

Raashii Khanna hosted an intimate puja ceremony for her new house, inviting close family and friends to the ‘griha pravesh’. Although the actor has not shared pictures on social media, her fan pages have widely posted photos of the puja. The viral pictures on social media featured the actor performing the rituals with her family

Recently, in an exclusive interview with India Today.in, Raashii Khanna opened up about her thoughts on the underwhelming performance of ‘Yodha’ at the box office. The actor acknowledged the disappointment surrounding the film’s reception but remained optimistic about the creative journey and the experience gained through the project.

She said, “Maybe there’s somebody who loves it, then somebody who hates it. There’ll always be all kinds of people, but obviously, we want, when the film is released, a lot of people should like it. I think the challenge has been to bring them to theatres still because now everyone knows that the film will be released on OTT. So that is a challenge that even people face. I also sometimes do it, but that’s also because I am always occupied. But I know people, in general, are very occupied today, so bringing them to theatres is a problem. I don’t think ‘Yodha’ is a bad film at all, so that’s fine. I think every film has its destiny, and you just learn from it and then move on to your next. That’s all we can do.”

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