Privacy open on Facebook platform once again

The changed policy of WhatsApp is now becoming a headache for the people. It has sought approval from users to share information on Facebook, Instagram. At the same time, personal information has once again appeared on Google ..


WhatsApp group and profile seen in Google’s search result
WhatsApp’s claim of privacy protection once again proved to be hollow. The profiles made on Facebook’s platform and links to join the group started appearing on Google.

That is, anyone can see your profile and other data related to it by searching on Google and get such information which you do not want to make public. However, they were immediately removed from Google on January 11. It is believed that WhatsApp requested Google for this.

This is not the first time this happened, in February last year, chats of many members of the nearly four and a half million group formed on WhatsApp started appearing in Google’s search results, people objected to it, then WhatsApp had rectified it.

This time, not only chats appeared on WhatsApp Google search, but their phone numbers, photos and group chats also appeared. From this, information can be obtained from wherever your phone number is.

According to experts, there may be people associated with group invites who can misuse your information. Not only this, the names and phone numbers of the members present in the group can also be found by anyone due to this omission of WhatsApp.

The cyber security expert claims that till now links of more than one and a half thousand such groups have appeared in Google’s search results. It is also feared that this number may increase several times. The number of groups on WhatsApp is believed to be in millions.

WhatsApp spokesman said on Monday
Users should not share the chat links in their WhatsApp group on a publicly used website. Said, When a new member joins any support subgroup, then all the members are informed about it. In such a situation, the group administrator has also been advised to change the link when adding a new member.

Whatsapp says
In March last year, a feature called ‘Noindex’ was added so that deep-linked pages could not be linked on Google. He says that we have requested Google not to link them. Everyone knows that anyone can search every content made public by other WhatsApp users. In such a situation, it would be better not to disclose personal information.

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