Poet Vinod joshi’s sairandhri”

Hello friends here is the task about poem by Vinod joshi “sairandhri “This my work here.Listen the interview

Vinod Joshi is a famous poet from Gujarat India He is also writer and critic He was born in bhoringda district Amreli on 13 August 1955. His father named hargovinddas and his mother named Leelavati His father also a Sanskrit scholar and pramukh in Panchayat.

Vinod Joshi is critically acclaimed in Gujarati literature for the elegant female sensibility in the sounds rhymes of his ‘Geet’,Motifs in his poetry include in tense femininity solitude social status and indefinable Hindi video convert ine images of everyday reality and objects.

‘Parantu’ his first anthology of poems was published in 1984 by the kavilok trust it was followed in 1985 by shikhandi the character from Indian Epic Mahabharata.

‘Tundil-tundika’ another long narrative poem by him. ‘Zalar vage zoothadi’ is Vinod Joshi’s most loved and Sought after collection of poems.Some famous poems like

“સખી મારો સાયબો સુતો ફળીયે ઢાળી ઢોલિયો..”

 Other one is also famous

“કૂંચી આપો બાજી તમે કિયા પટાઝરે મેલી મારા મેયર ની શરણાઈ જી..” 

In 2018 Vinod Joshi published his poem “sairendhri” metrical poem composed in prabandh form with 7 contos 49 chapter and 1800 lines. It is based on Draupadi one of the major character of Mahabharata. He depicts distinct world of dthoughts and feeling as a woman during her exile using various metal like Chaupai and Dora critic Radheshyam Sharma notes the poem for its musicality figurative language is and its depiction of Shringar.

Vinod joshi wrote this poem in Australia.The poet said in his voice that for a long time the Mahabharata’s Draupadi fallen behind him,to be in this world through the poets word.Drupadi’s other name is sairandhri.She got this name when the pandvas were exiceled for 12 years and one more year as a ‘Agyantvas’. They all lived in a Viratnagar.They all didn’t show their real identity.Here in this poem poet talk about the aloofness of her.She also keep hidden her own identity to herself .

In this world every person want to know
“Who I am ?”

What is the identity and existence of self. So poet also indicate the ‘lost identity’.

In the first conto Sairandhri asked questions to herself that she couldn’t Find out herself as a women (Nari).

In the second conto poet said behalf her in the poem that she want to marry with ‘Karna’ but she choosen Arjuna and after that she distributed in pandavas.Here again she didn’t want that but she can’t do anything.In a other words she kills her ambition.       In conto 3 she thought about the freedom and into next conto Sairandhri thought that she didn’t get the name of Queen and existence  as  a woman.   Into conto 5 Sairandhri miss her best friend Lord Krishna.I like some line from the 6th conto that,

         “કીચક માર્યો એક પણ કીચક હજી અનેક 

ઇચ્છે નહીં નારી ,છતાં વિવશ કરે જે  છે.”

 And the other lines from last conto is,

“સહુએ સહુના સ્વાંગમાં નરવી નિજતા ખોઈ
જ્ઞાત અને અજ્ઞાતમાં અંતર હતું ન કોઇ “

 In his how poet draw the character of Sairandhri in his words.

In conclusion we can said that Sairandhri is a metaphor for the women,who lived in that Mahabharata time and also in today’s time. 

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