Co-founder Of Alibi Drinkery Accused Of Slapping Fast Food Worker For Enforcing Mask Rules

An Investigators say the co-founder of a bar fined for not following COVID rules slapped a fast-food worker for enforcing them.Ricardo Baldazo is part-owner of Alibi Drinkery in Lakeville, which opened several times despite state restrictions.

Investigators say Baldazo and a woman were at the Jimmy John’s in Rosemount last week.The woman walked in without a mask, and argued with a manager who asked her to wear one.Court documents say that’s when Baldazo came in, and hit the manager.Police say they recognized Baldazo from past encounters.He’s charged with assault.On Facebook, the woman — Alibi co-owner Lisa Monet Zarza — commented on the incident.

“I walked into Jimmy John’s to order food. I was asked if I had a mask. I informed the man (19 yes [sic] old, not a child as some people think it was) that I have a health condition that makes me unable to wear a mask. I was told to leave. I informed him it was against my constitutional right to refuse to serve me A BASIC HUMAN NEED SUCH AS FOOD. He told me to leave … He started swearing at me … At 19 years old, he is old enough to serve. Old enough to know you do not speak to a woman that way over a mask. His parents should have raised him better.”
The attorney representing the manager released the following statement:
“I represent the individual that was slapped by Ricardo Baldazo, a co-owner of Alibi Drinkery. My client asked Lisa Monet Zarza to put on a mask while inside my client’s workplace. She refused. (video of which is posted in a prior video) Inexplicably, Ricardo Baldazo immediately escalates the situation and ends up slapping my client. My client wants to thank the Rosemount Police Department for their work and communication on this incident. As a result of their work, Mr. Baldazo has been charged with fifth degree misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct. My client is hopeful that Mr. Baldazo’s bail is revoked so no one else is put at risk by this individual.”

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