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Tesla’s India plan this topic has been part of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, tweet several times.

Confirmation of India plans for Tesla centres in 5 states with only 2 short words to it by Elon Musk has been in front. “As promised”, wrote  by Elon Musk, world’s richest man in a meaningful word that says Tesla even after being expensive but may eventually become bit  affordable price for Indian middle class too when the companies will start its production.

Initial reaction of Elon Musk after the news launched of Tesla registering an office on Tuesday in Bengaluru.

The CEO of Tesla had recently tweeted various times this year about his India’s plan. In October Elon Musk tweeted, “next year for sure”, in reply to the post with a snapshot of a t-shirt which contained with the message “India wants Tesla”.

Tesla fan sites blog had a Tesmanian replied to, Tesla is in conversation with, 5 states of India to open stores, and office and R and D centre and factory of production of Tesla.

The post office suggests Tesla’s main target on a “wealthy segment” in a country where there is a various diverse and vast economic disparities.

There are assumptions of many people that countries population is economically not affordable of Tesla, so there is no room for Tesla in India. But we need to understand that there are affordable people to in India for Tesla. As out of 1.387 billion people, the producers is aiming a smaller, but a rather reach segment of the population.

Even 1.3 billion people are not affordable for Tesla but still there is market of around 85 billion people who are able to buy a premium car.

The blog of Tesla fan site predict, a enormous market for Tesla’s development. As many rich segment are eagerly waiting for Tesla to come from several years now.

The rush and high traffic of India may be the cause of expensiveness of Tesla. Nevertheless, as companies own production will reduce the cost of cars to an affordable level, which will be affordable for middle class segment too, predicted by Tesla block.

Karnataka government had offered land in Tumkur on the outskirts of Bengaluru to Tesla, to start up a Tesla manufacturing facility.

It is been confirmed by chief minister BS  Yediyurappa of Karnataka that the carmaker was setting up R and D unit in Bangalore.

On Tuesday, the company Indian subsidiary under the title of “Tesla India Motors and energy private Ltd.” has been registered. The very first product to be sold will be model 3 Seden, according to source


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